Emulsify Privacy Policy

Updated: January 13, 2021

Emulsify (the “App”) is an application developed by Consonant Dreams LLC (the “Developer”) for mobile devices running iOS (the “Device”).

The Developer takes your privacy very seriously. The Developer is not in the business of selling or monetizing your data in any way. The App receives only the Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) required to function, and it does not share, distribute, or communicate the PII with any third party.

1. Basic App Operation

The App requires access to your camera and photos library to function. The App will use this access solely to provide a live viewfinder, capture photos, save those photos to your photos library, and display the photos for review. At no time will the App send any photo, video, or audio data off of your device.

If you choose to give the App access to your location, it will be used only to embed location data in the photographs you take. No location data will be transmitted by the app to the Developer or any third party at any time. The App will still function if you opt-out of providing location data. However, the photos you take with the App will not be tagged with locations.

2. Usage Data

The App collects basic, anonymous data (the “Stats”) about how the App is being used. The Stats may include, but not be limited to: when and how often the App is launched, what settings have been chosen in the App, errors that occur in the App, what Operating System is running on the Device, what type of physical Device is being used to run the App, the language and region setting on the Device. The Stats may include an identifier generated by the App to identify the specific installation of the App. This identifier is randomly-generated by the App each time it is installed, and is not correlated with or connected to any PII, nor is it shared with any other parties. If the App is deleted and reinstalled, the identifier will change.

The Stats may be sent to an analytics service operated by the Developer for purposes of analysis and reporting. The App does not incorporate, use, or send data to any third-party metrics or analytics service.

As part of standard web protocols, the Developer’s analytics service, as well as the vendor(s) involved in hosting that service, may receive the IP address of the Device when the Stats are delivered. However, the Developer does not store this IP address as part of the Stats, and does not use it in any reporting, or correlate it with the Stats in any way.

3. Deleting Data

To delete all PII used by the App, delete the App from the Device. The App does not store any PII in any location other than locally on the Device.

4. Apple

Because the App is distributed through the App Store and runs on iOS, use of the App is also subject to the Apple Privacy Policy.

5. Contact

For questions or concerns regarding Emulsify, please see Emulsify Support. Questions about this privacy policy may be sent to privacy@apps.consonantdreams.com. However, please note that questions about topics other than this privacy policy can not be answered via that address.